C H A I R M A N' S      M E S S A G E

The Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE), has been constituted under the Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations Act, 2002, primarily for conduct of entrance examinations and making selection of candidates for admission to various undergraduate and postgraduate professional courses in the State.


The Act accords functional autonomy to the Board in the conduct of examination(s) and making of selection of candidates for various professional courses to ensure that it remains free from any external interference or extraneous consideration(s) in discharge of its statutory functions. Subject to the constitutional provisions and guarantees, the Board will be discharging its statutory obligation in a fair and transparent manner strictly in conformity with the said Act and the Jammu & Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examination Rules, 2014, made thereunder. Accordingly, merit alone will prevail in the matter of selections/admissions.

The fast emerging new technologies have impacted all fields of human activity and, consequently, public and private organisations across the globe have made use of new technologies and innovations, bringing improvements in their working apart from expediting various related processes and procedures. The Board can thus bring about more efficiency, transparency and speed in organising entrance examinations and in carrying out subsequent admission processes by adopting new technologies and making their optimum use. Further, all the stakeholders will get timely and adequate information on the Board‘s website in conformity with the provisions of Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act, 2009 which has empowered the stakeholders/information seekers to have timely information as per the said statute.

The stakeholders, particularly the candidates, can easily access information they need concerning entrance examinations on internet at the time and place convenient to them. Over the years, the website has facilitated and increased the interaction and communication between the functionaries of the Board, the students and other stakeholders at large. More importantly, website of the Board has made its functioning and activities more transparent and open to public scrutiny.

We shall feel obliged for suggestions and comments from students, parents and members of the general public in respect of format and content of the website for widening its scope and reach in days to come as also in the matter of discharge of its aforementioned statutory functions/obligations.

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